Michel Kreek

Michel Kreek

16 gennaio 1971

For me the most important is to maintain the love for the game, because only then you can grow to your personal best.



Raccontaci il tuo amore per lo Sport

I love football since the day I could walk . I think it’s beautiful to play in a team and achieve results together .

La passione per il calcio quando è arrivata?

Since the day I could walk ,I was crazy with the ball . My father played at amateur level , so every weekend I was with him at the football pitch .
That’s where my love for football started , it grew when as a little kid my uncle took me the stadium to watch a game of my favorite team Ajax

Come hai iniziato?

I started as a 5 year kid to play in a team . Before that I only played in the street . I started in a small amateur team (Eland) , It was officially not allowed to play at that time you could start only from 8 years old .
When I was 8 years old I was recruited by the Ajax youth academy.

Quando hai capito che “la cosa stava diventando seria”?

From 15,16 years old I started to realize that it might starting little more serious . I was selected in the national youth team and I noticed myself I was among the better players .

Il momento più bello, indimenticabile?

For me , as a 15 year old kid the most beautiful moment was when we played an international match against England at WEMBLEY . As a professional player winning the UEFA cup in 1992 against Torino in Amsterdam .

La delusione più cocente?

The biggest disappointment was when I was 16 years old and got injured at my knee . I could not play for a few month’s and I was afraid my football career was over .

I tuoi giocatori preferiti di ieri e di oggi

As a kid my favorite player was Jesper Olsen , he played in the first team of Ajax and played in the same position as I did (left winger)
Nowadays off course everybody names Messi and Ronaldo , but i like Mascherano a lot because to me he is a real team player who sacrifices himself for his team .

Cosa ti ha dato il calcio per la tua vita?

At first Football gave me a lot of friends , besides that I think football helped my to learn what is discipline and that you have to work hard to achieve your goals .
Working in a team and the social aspect of football is also very important according to me .

Come lo vivi oggi?

Nowadays I still enjoy football but I think it is a pity that the financial aspect becomes more and more important . We are losing a bit the authentic feeling of football .

Oggi che fai nella vita?

I work as a coach in football , I like to pass thru the experience I got as a Football player to a new generation .

Un consiglio ai 15 enni di oggi?

What i would like to say to the 15 year old football player , is to live your sport with great passion en enjoy every moment at the pitch . If you want to become a professional and achieve your goals , you have to put in a lot of effort and also a little luck will help .
For me the most important is to maintain the love for the game , because only then you can grow to your personal best .

WLF generazione f , che ne pensi?

I think WLF is a very good initiative to inform , to encourage , to educate and help this new generation . I wish i had something like WLF when I was 15 years old . I think it would have helped me a lot .

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