Mission and passion

Friends of We Love Football is the Association for Social Promotion that, through original sports and cultural events, works and plays to spread football among girls and boys along with its best values as an athletic, ethical and spectacular event.

The founder Marco Antonio De Marchi creates these events through the film production house Oblivion Production of Stefania Tschantret, in the spirit of shared intentions and passions.

International Under 15 Football Tournament

The International Under 15 Football Tournament is the very exciting main event of We Love Football that is held annually in Bologna at the Renato Dall’Ara stadium.
A one of a kind event, the tournament stars teams of kids born in the second millennium and from many different countries, who experience and allow us to experience a celebration of international football styles, a human and sports event full of inspiration and opportunities.

It allows very young footballers from very different backgrounds to get together, both on and off the pitch, with kids of their same age that share their same passion, to play in a high profile sporting event, in conditions very similar to those experienced by professionals, to push themselves personally and competitively, to show their skills.
For the public, it is an engaging chance to have some fun, for the organisers, a prized opportunity to find new talents, see new trends in how the game is played and local specialisations to reflect on.

F as in Fair play, Friendship, Fun… F as in Football… We want to raise the new Generation F and grow with it.

Calcio & Fosforo

We Love Football creates conventions, expositions, and meetings dedicated to youth and football, football and ethical relationships, sports and social integration, mind and body health, cultural cues inspired by football, bringing its values to schools, associations, universities and prisons.

Food for football: good, healthy and fun

Particular attention is paid by WLF to food: for the best nutrition for a junior athlete to nutritional education, through fun activities. There are seminars with experts, matches of “creative sport cooking” participated in by great chefs and by kids, and themed events in selected restaurants and bars.

Master Camp We Love Football

A Winning Formation: Master Camp and WLF Academy

In collaboration with the Professors of the Department of Motor Sciences of the University of Bologna and under the guide of prestigious professional athletes, We Love Football offers high level training for small groups of young football players. Through the short Master Camp class or the longer Academy, besides trying out advanced level practices, every kid will undergo a customised mind-body study that will allow them to better understand their specific personal and athletic qualities: strengths, things to work on and develop, best roles, dedicated strategies. Total training at its best.

Creating useful actions

An integral part of the goals of WLF is to create initiatives for kids who are in disadvantaged position due to health, family situations, social conditions, issues of belonging, faith and geographic location. Friends of We Love Football participates with dedication in WeLoveRwanda, the project of the Association Solidarietà Terzo Mondo Onlus that works in Rwanda, and of which Morena De Marchi, Marco Antonio’s sister, is an active participant as well as the director of long distance adoptions.

Testimonial of EFUS (European Forum for Urban Security), the President De Marchi presented the project We Love Football at the 2016 edition of the European Award for Social Integration through Sports in Saint-Denis in July 2016.

Solidarietà WLF

We are a format…

We Love Football is also a series by Oblivion Production formatted for TV, web series and viral videos focusing on football, inaugurated in 2014 with the tv-format-special event WLF, with the support of Lega Serie A, Lega Serie B, Lega Pro, Coni and the participation of special guests such as Paolo Bedin (General Director of Lega Serie B), Renzo Ulivieri (President of AIAC), Eraldo Pecci (Ex Serie A footballer) and Matteo Marani (Journalist, Vice Director of Sky Sport).


The Association Friends of We Love Football is located in Bologna; the President is Marco Antonio De Marchi. The production house Oblivion Production is located in Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna; its CEO is Stefania Tschantret.
Those who work with us share our enthusiasm, our positive outlook on life, our curiosity and respect for others, our team spirit, and our vocation for making our own and others’ dreams come true.

With you

We Love Football is grateful to have the financial and moral support of many Partners and is always open to welcoming new ones.
The Association collaborates with qualified public and private entities: Institutions, universities, schools, athletes, artists and scientists.