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We Love Football, a Generational Movement

We Love Football is a 360° communication project

We like to call ourselves “generational movement” because we represent a “change”. We move the minds, valuing healthy principles and working to improve the sporting life of the new generation of young players, those who will be the champions of the future.

You started to get to know us with the International U – 15 Football Tournament , you got excited with our interviews, the highlights and the video reports onYoutube, you also followed us in live Live on Facebook, you wrote us, asked questions, you enthusiasts to focus on the great sports figures of the past on the theme of their first 15 years of life, and you have also become part of the great Community #Generazione F on Facebook.

The Dream must become reality.

We love football and “We Love Football” aims high: spirit of aggregation, fair play, integration and all that is healthy in sport. Here are the values that wants to transmit this project conceived by Marco Antonio De Marchi, historical flag of Bologna FC. One that wants to kick it.

“The idea is that professional footballers should inspire young people and be their models. Through football you can in fact transmit fundamental values such as respect, friendship, integration, enthusiasm and self-esteem, key elements to become champions in the world of sport, but also better men and women in life.”

We are making Bologna the world capital of youth football, and we are growing more and more, thanks also to the patronage of the biggest sector institutions like the FIGC-LND (1,400,000 subscribers), the CONI (5,000,000 subscribers),and the AIC (18,000 subscribers).

We Love Football is a cultural project that includes many special initiatives followed by the agency Oblivion Production of Stefania Tschantret, so you will have the opportunity to attend conferences and meetings dedicated to young people and their parents, training courses, formats for radio and TV, all the digital platforms, solidarity matches and much more. There is also a film in production.

In this promo video (also broadcast during theWyscout Forum in Amsterdam 2018) we have tried to summarize very briefly what we are, our enthusiasm, our power and the network of friends and ambassadors that we will take also in the next edition of the International U – 15 Football Tournament from 17 to 22 April 2018 in Bologna.


We ask you to share this video as much as possible with all the people you know, on all your social channels and blog-websites, to grow with us, “Grow with us”.

We are waiting every day in our Generazione F Community, the private group of Facebook where mothers, fathers, family members, friends, coaches, referees, technicians and all the figures surrounding the sports “Fifteen” can talk about problems, ask for advice, propose initiatives, and help make the Youth Football World a better place.

WE LOVE FOOTBALL celebrates the most beautiful sport in the world and wants to do it with you.

Thanks to all!

#welovefootball2019 Work in progress…




FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/WeLoveFootballOP

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/welovefootballinternational/