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We Love Football, a Generational Movement

We Love Football is a 360° communication project

We like to call ourselves “generational movement” because we represent a “change”. We move the minds, valuing healthy principles and working to improve the sporting life of the new generation of young players, those who will be the champions of the future.

You started to get to know us with the International U – 15 Football Tournament , you got excited with our interviews, the highlights and the video reports onYoutube, you also followed us in live Live on Facebook, you wrote us, asked questions, you enthusiasts to focus on the great sports figures of the past on the theme of their first 15 years of life, and you have also become part of the great Community #Generazione F on Facebook.

The Dream must become reality.

We love football and “We Love Football” aims high: spirit of aggregation, fair play, integration and all that is healthy in sport. Here are the values that wants to transmit this project conceived by Marco Antonio De Marchi, historical flag of Bologna FC. One that wants to kick it.

“The idea is that professional footballers should inspire young people and be their models. Through football you can in fact transmit fundamental values such as respect, friendship, integration, enthusiasm and self-esteem, key elements to become champions in the world of sport, but also better men and women in life.”

We are making Bologna the world capital of youth football, and we are growing more and more, thanks also to the patronage of the biggest sector institutions like the FIGC-LND (1,400,000 subscribers), the CONI (5,000,000 subscribers),and the AIC (18,000 subscribers).

We Love Football is a cultural project that includes many special initiatives followed by the agency Oblivion Production of Stefania Tschantret, so you will have the opportunity to attend conferences and meetings dedicated to young people and their parents, training courses, formats for radio and TV, all the digital platforms, solidarity matches and much more. There is also a film in production.

In this promo video (also broadcast during theWyscout Forum in Amsterdam 2018) we have tried to summarize very briefly what we are, our enthusiasm, our power and the network of friends and ambassadors that we will take also in the next edition of the International U – 15 Football Tournament from 17 to 22 April 2018 in Bologna.


We ask you to share this video as much as possible with all the people you know, on all your social channels and blog-websites, to grow with us, “Grow with us”.

We are waiting every day in our Generazione F Community, the private group of Facebook where mothers, fathers, family members, friends, coaches, referees, technicians and all the figures surrounding the sports “Fifteen” can talk about problems, ask for advice, propose initiatives, and help make the Youth Football World a better place.

WE LOVE FOOTBALL celebrates the most beautiful sport in the world and wants to do it with you.

Thanks to all!

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We Love Football 2018, an endless game

Even the third edition is over, how many steps forward from 2016 to today: technique, competitive spirit and above all fun

Triple whistle, the referee Fabbri of Ravenna officially sanctioned the end of We Love Football 2018, after Atletico Madrid and Atalanta the roll of gold is also tinged with green: the Brazilians of Palmeiras win the third edition of the most prestigious tournament Under 15 world football from unbeaten. However, it is not just a victory for the “Verdao” but this year it was a victory for football. Cup raised to the sky, ritual photos and festivities but after all this there has absolutely stopped, indeed. The synthesis of the third edition can be found paradoxically after the end of the final, when everything seems finished, when everything should stop, the football reminds you that being the most beautiful sport in the world an end will never have, and then football in the field and the Dutch dell’Ajax, the English Everton, the Canadians of Montreal, the Brazilians of Flamengo and even the organizational staff of WeLoveFootball ran all together on the green lawn of the Dall’Ara and began an epochal match that will remain without doubt in the history of this tournament, with only one rule, have fun! Yet you wonder how they can communicate Dutch-English-Brazilian-Belgian and Italian among them, the answer is simple, the language known by everyone is that of the ball. A melting pot of cultures, traditions and colors theoretically impossible to unite has given us indescribable emotions, which only this sport, which knows little about it, could have given us. Here all this is We Love Football: uniting what seems to be impossible, fun, football and lightheartedness. Friendship, a countless number of friendships established in recent days, an image that will remain etched in our eyes is the exchange of telephone numbers between the Coach of Montreal and that of Genk, which at the time of goodbye have embraced as they were always friends. But situations like this where football becomes more than a sport at We Love Football is an incalculable amount: the pasillo de honor of Palmeiras and the applause for the defeated atalantini in the final, the coach dell’Atalanta Di Cintio who apologizes to the Ajax Wooter Coach for a hard contrast between two players in the field and after the match the hug, the songs, the dances, the prayers, the hopes, the ambitions and the passion for football, inexhaustible. Because while every second passes for better or for worse it is always necessary to remember that in a part of the world a football match is under way and every time a football game starts all this magic starts all over again. A triple final whistle will never be there.

See you next year for We Love Football 2019!







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“We Love Football”, let’s go!

Wednesday, March 28th the curtain rises on the third edition of the international under-15 youth football tournament designed by Marco De Marchi. It starts at 2.30 pm: eight scheduled challenges, three installations involved. And on Thursday, for Fico’s gala evening, Claudio Fenucci, CEO of Bologna, will also be present, and the rossoblù goalkeeper Antonio Mirante

Palmeiras, Montreal Impact, Shonan Bellmare and Everton. That is Brazil, Canada, Japan and England. Four nations challenge the best of Italian football – represented by Atalanta, Bologna, Sassuolo and B Italia (the under-15 representative of Serie B) – in the debut games of the third edition of “We Love Football”, an international youth tournament that opens the flying on Wednesday, March 28 in Bologna. And after the appetizer of 14.30, it will be repeated at 15.45 with four other games with high technical content: in fact will fall the Belgians of the Genk, the Dutch dell’Ajax, the Brazilians of Flamengo, the Croats of Lokomotiva Zagreb and the Italians Juventus, Roma, Sampdoria and Inter. In short, it will be fun.

A kermesse, the one created by the former rossoblù flag Marco De Marchi, which will give six days of great football to all fans showing off some of the best “millennials” on the world scene. An already rich menu until Friday – eight male races a day on three different plants (the “Biavati” of Bologna, the “Negrini” of Castenaso and the sports center of the Polisportiva of Monte San Pietro) – and that will be embellished by the tournament on Thursday female team with eight teams, scheduled on the fields of the “Filippetti” stadium in Zola Predosa starting at 12.00, and the presentation ceremony for all the teams scheduled for the Teatro Arena di Fico (6.30 pm), which will see the participation others – by Claudio Fenucci (managing director of Bologna FC) and the goalkeeper of the first rossoblù team, Antonio Mirante. Afterwards, between Saturday and Sunday, the quarter finals will be played (at the “Biavati”) and the men’s semifinals (at the “Renato Dall’Ara” stadium, preceded by the match for the integration between the selection of the Antiracist World Cup and a representative We Love Football), while on Monday morning there will be the men’s and women’s finals (again at the “Renato Dall’Ara”).

Vivaticket will be the circuit that will handle the sale of admission tickets to the semi-finals and finals of the tournament, and tickets for the qualifications will be available at the sports centers of the tournament, while those who want to update from home in real time can follow the event on Facebook (WeLovefootballOP), Instagram (welovefootballinternational) and Youtube (We Love Football Channel), as well as on our website www.welovefootball.eu and on www.ilrestodelcarlino.it/bologna/we-love-football, the special dedicated to the event on the website of Il Resto del Carlino, media partner of the event.








h 14:30        

Palmeiras – Sassuolo (centro sportivo “A. Biavati” – Bologna)

Montreal Impact – Atalanta (centro sportivo “A. Biavati” – Bologna)

B Italia – Shonan Bellmare (centro sportivo MSP – Monte San Pietro)

Bologna – Everton (stadio “G. Negrini” – Castanaso)

h 15:45

Genk – Juventus (centro sportivo “A. Biavati” – Bologna)

Ajax – Sampdoria (centro sportivo “A. Biavati” – Bologna)

Flamengo – Roma (centro sportivo MSP – Monte San Pietro)

Inter – Lokomotiva Zagabria (stadio “G. Negrini” – Castanaso)

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The return of Palmeiras to We Love Football 2018

At the samba rhythm, at the Third Edition of the Under 15 International Youth Football Tournament We Love Football there will still be Palmeiras and its typically Brazilian style.

In the last edition the team coached by Paulo Victor literally charmed the Biavati sports center and all the insiders. Brazilian football is completely different. It is fun, technique and quality applied to the game of the ball. Pure magic of the Palmeiras dressing room before the matches: music at full volume and dancing, you laugh and you live happily the moment of warm-up, then you go on the pitch with only one goal: to have fun!
Last year the “Verdao” did not pass group D with Atalanta, Roma and Lokomotiv Zagreb.
The South American coach, Paulo Victor, was named best coach of the edition, while Vieira was the best striker.
This year they will be involved in Group C with Juventus, Sassuolo and Genk.
One more incentive for Palmeiras will be, why not, wanting to reach the final against the compatriots of Fluminense.

In any case, boa fate Palmeiras!


We are ready to start, we are waiting for you from March 28th to April 2nd in Bologna!


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I biglietti per le Qualificazioni e i Quarti di Finale sono disponibili rispettivamente presso gli Stadi G.Negrini di Castenaso (BO), A.Biavati di Bologna, il Centro Sportivo A.S.D. Polisportiva Monte San Pietro (BO) e Centro Sportivo E. Filippetti di Zola Predosa (BO) . I biglietti per le Semifinali e la Finale sono disponibili in prevendita sul circuito Vivaticket e presso lo Stadio Renato Dall’Ara i giorni di manifestazione.


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