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We Love Football 2018, here we are!

We Love Football 2018, here we are!

We can not wait, the international Under 15 football tournament is ready to start again. Bologna, for the third year, continues to be the capital of world youth football.

Never so many nations involved as in this Third Edition.
Last year, the debut of Brazilians from Palmeiras extended the borders of We Love Football on a global level. In addition to Brazil, this year Canada and Japan will also be represented as non-European countries.
In total the countries represented will be 8: Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Japan, England and Holland.

These are the 16 teams that will compete for the third edition of We Love Football:


Inter (ITA) – Everton (ENG) – Bologna (ITA) – Lokomotiv Zagreb (HRV)


Roma (ITA) – Flamengo (BRA) – B Italia (ITA) – Shonan Bellmare (JAP)


Juventus (ITA) – Palmeiras (BRA) – Sassuolo (ITA) – Genk (BEL)


Atalanta (ITA) – Ajax (NED) – Sampdoria (ITA) – Montreal Impact (CAN)

An absolute debut for the Canadians of Montreal Impact, for the Japanese of the Shonan Bellmare and for the Belgians of the Genk. Among the first Italians for Sampdoria.

The technical value of this tournament is also witnessed by the growth paths that the young people taking part in the previous editions are doing. Many of the team winning the first edition, the Atletico Madrid of Juan Rodriguez, now take part in the training of the first team of the “Cholo” Simeone. Atalanta, winner of the 2017 edition, continues to grow its youth sector and churn out talent ready for the highest Italian championship. We Love Football is an opportunity to see the champions of tomorrow.

Confirmed and enriched also the women’s tournament, in this edition will be 8 teams participating:


Spirit of aggregation, FairPlay, integration and all that is healthy in sport, We Love Football transmits it every time the referee whistles a kick-off.

This year there will be many partnerships with local and national realities of the highest level.

The presentation of the tournament will be held in the suggestive location of FICO, the largest agri-food park in the world, just born in Bologna.
Vivaticket will be the circuit that will manage the sale of entry coupons for games.
Oblivion Production will create, as every year, all the videos of the games, reportages and dedicated formats.


In short, there is really everything. We are ready to start, we are waiting for you from March 28th to April 2nd in Bologna!


Watch the video of the teams in the World, entered in the International Male Tournament

Read the Calendar with the schedule for all 2018 games

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Free admission for boys and girls under 18 years of age.

Info and tickets:

Tickets for the Qualifications and the Final Quarters are available at the G.Negrini Stadiums of Castenaso (BO), A.Biavati di Corticella, and the A.S.D. Polisportiva Monte San Pietro (BO) and E. Filippetti Sports Center in Zola Predosa (BO). Tickets for the Semifinals and the Final are available in advance on the Vivaticket circuit and at the Renato Dall’Ara Stadium on the days of the event.


Tel. +39 051 0402349


The emotional greeting of Denis Tonucci at Bari. He will play for the Apulian rivals of Foggia

January, period of transfer market and, as in summer, for footballers often becomes a complicated moment.
Before footballers are human and therefore, as such, they become attached, to the people around them, to the comrades, to the city and to the fans they play for, and then comes a moment to which all this must be said goodbye, because the transfers market have now entered the normality of the dynamics of this wonderful sport.
The movements can hurt: sometimes the player himself, but more than anything else to the fans who lose their favorites, sold by the company of their team to other clubs, sometimes even to bitter rivals.
It’s the story of the moment, that of Denis Tonucci. After almost three years, 97 appearances and 2 goals as the defender and the backbone of Bari from this session of the market will play the hated rivals of Foggia.

A real stab at the heart of Bari fans.

However, here comes the magic of football, a sport that goes beyond the material and practical aspect of a circumstance. Through a simple but profound message, Denis has in fact made the people of Bari understand that his is not a betrayal but simply a natural change in his professional career. Underlining the commitment that has always put in honoring the shirt of Bari, Denis has received thousands of admiration and good wishes from his now ex-fans, although now go to play where the people of Bari would never have wanted:

“Under the east, you will always be welcome … thanks for everything Denis !!!! Who knit has honored, will never be forgotten !!! “” Denis ….. bari does not forget who knitted the sweat and has defended with his teeth ….. good luck and good work ” “Too bad you go but you’ll stay in the heart of Bari! Goodbye wrestler! “” Thank you warrior! “” You deserve all the best! You’re a great one! Hello warrior “” Thanks Denis, you put the man in front of the player! Your unique grit we will miss, as you are there are very few now .. Hello “” Thank you for everything, you have always fought and honored our shirt! We will miss you good luck for all warrior … Thanks for everything! ”

And these are just some of the many fans of Bari who wanted to greet with affection what was their darling, a player who never stopped fighting for the team of their faith, their city and that today will be one of their “Rivals” who will meet next April 21st in the sentimental derby at the Zaccheria of Foggia.
This is the greeting and thanksgiving that Denis Tonucci wanted to do to the Bari fans on his Instagram profile.

@denis.tonucci “Eccoci qua dopo quasi 3 anni di battaglie,sorrisi,pianti e rimpianti,gioie e dolori è arrivato uno di quei momenti che purtroppo nel calcio prima o poi arriva.. quando ti leghi ad una città che ti ha accolto come un figlio e a delle persone che ti hanno trattato come un fratello dire “ciao” è veramente difficile e fa male, si tanto, fa male al cuore ma la vita va comunque avanti.. ad ogni modo voglio ringraziare davvero tutti dal primo all’ultimo, tutte le persone che ho conosciuto a livello lavorativo e quelle che ho conosciuto fuori dal campo.. grazie veramente di cuore per tutto perché ognuno mi ha insegnato e lasciato qualcosa che porterò per sempre dentro me… custodirò gelosamente per sempre questa storia chiamata BARI… grazie ancora tantissimo..! ora basta con i sentimentalismi, ora mi aspettano tante altre battaglie, ora mi aspetta una nuova avventura, bella, bellissima, sicuramente difficile ma stimolante e da protagonista.. arrivare in un club che ha insistito tanto per averti è sempre qualcosa di stupendo per un giocatore e così è stato per me ora.. Grazie ancora.. Vi porterò sempre e per sempre nel mio cuore.. #bari

In bocca al lupo Denis!