Solidarity WLF

Winning the game of the future

Amici di We Love Footbal Association identifies, supports and promotes projects in Italy and abroad to give material and affective support of children in difficulty. Support the life and growth of young people concretely is a bet on a more harmonious world and a right future; a game where we want to play our role in the best way.

We Love Football & We Love Rwanda

A rich and special relationship between “Amici di We Love Football” and “WeLoveRwanda” projects of “Associazione Solidarietà Terzo Mondo Onlus” Sondrio.

“We have a different mission from the association of my brother Marco Antonio” says Morena De Marchi, Adoptions Manager, always active in her generous commitment to helping the people of Rwanda.
“But the desire to leave the sign for something really important for the kids’ future is our common goal.

Three hospital house, food and health programs, farm activities, microcredit support, support to a nutritional health center, adoption programs… There are many initiatives promoted and followed by WeLoveRwanda friends. With them we will continue, with joy and pride, our special union on the path of solidarity.

Don Mario Campidori Foundation Simpatia e amicizia ONLUS

“I want to help people who suffer from loneliness, because of the condition of disability.”. This was the dream of don Mario Campidori, a priest who lived first the consequences of a disease, the multiple sclerosis, which forced him on a wheelchair.
A dream that has taken a precise path: living to make joy  through sharing of life, values ​​and friendship, which generates, in diversity, the human and spiritual enrichment of all. “Don Mario Campidori Simpatia e Amicizia Onlus” Foundation aims at the promotion, and human, social, cultural, recreational and religious integration of people and families in a disability situation.

How he can? Through meetings and initiatives involving people with disabilities and many young people and families with children.
Where? At “Villaggio senza Barriere” (Barrier-free Village), in Laboratorio della Gioia (Laboratory of Joy) and in many other places in the city and province of Bologna.
When? In leisure time, so decisive for the training and growth of each.
Why? To learn to recognize the beauty and dignity of each person.

Il Villaggio senza barriere is a great gym where humanity is practiced and is trained to live the Sympathy and Friendship in the Gospel, to see and help others to see, to take their hand and to walk together.
In this great team game there is place for everyone and for each one because only together can you win!
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