The “Fantacalcio” Under 15 of We Love Football

September is notoriously one of the strangest months of the year. Yes, because it has a bittersweet aftertaste, it comes back from the holidays and says goodbye to the summer but at the same time for us, football fans, marks the beginning of a new sporting season. And, with the start of the new season, the “Football Fantasy Auctions” are unmissable in September.

Widespread in recent years, Fantacalcio is something that can only be explained by those who live for football. How many times mother or girlfriend will have asked you “but what is Fantacalcio? But why do not you dedicate yourself to more important things? “And then you try to explain that the fantacalcio is a serious matter!

Yes, because it is that extra adrenaline every weekend, that extra pretext to follow all the matches, that extra reason to get together with the other Fantagenators to discuss football and players, and to elaborate in detail every pin in the world of the balloon is composed. Beyond the rules and purpose itself Fantacalcio is also this, sharing the most common passion. And there’s nothing more beautiful.

“Cristiano Ronaldo … 1!”, The magical moment of the Auction, and this year will be pronounced the name of one of the strongest players in the world. In addition to the champions, however, the Fantasy allows you to know and bet especially on many young people who make up the rosters of the teams and, in a few years, we are sure that we will call in the auction and we will contend players also passed by We Love Football.

Among the most popular these days are the two strikers of Genoa Favilli (97 ‘) and Piatek (95’), Barrow (98 ‘) and Mancini (96’), Cutrone (98 ‘) or Donnarumma (99’) of Milan and also Chiesa (97 ‘) of Fiorentina and many others. All the guys who were very few years ago were Under15 and today they are the object of the wishes of Italian Fantalleners, of all ages: from the 11-year-old to the 65-year-old, passing through 45-year-old fathers and young twenties. Everyone really participates.

So we ask you which of the guys seen at the Under 15 International Youth Football Tournament We Love Football, according to you, will come to be called in the next years to a Fantacalcio Football auction?

Because in addition to raising the Champions League, in the dreams of a young player today there is also that of “calling” the auction of the “Fanta“.

Take a look at the #IGTV of We Love Football. There are the video stories of the strongest players of We Love Football, who now play in the first teams of the most prestigious clubs, such as Atletico Madrid and Juventus.

All the famous Testimonials of the football world in these videos.

Let us know what you expect from the 2019 International Youth Football Tournament under 15 We Love Football, what you would like to see and discover more. The best messages will be reposted on the #Instagram page of We Love Football.


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