2017 Edition

Under the auspices


The motto that Marco Antonio De Marchi, President of the Association for Social Promotion “Amici di We Love Football”, has chosen to characterize the 2017 edition of the tournament, summarizes one purpose: to open the horizons, to break down barriers, to meet beyond borders, to dare beyond the limits; in a spirit of continuous improvement of themselves and the world.

Born to score Here we are! From the 12th to the 17th of April 2017, the ‘We Love Football Tournament’ is back on the field in Bologna, full of fresh new energy to overcome the excellent results of the first edition. Its aims are to expand competitive capacity, and open new perspectives for reflection for those who play and for those who follow. We like to think that we were born to leave a positive mark on young players and their audience and to deliver important messages for both sport and life – that are the same thing in the WLF philosophy.

A Time for Timeless Champions A very special premiere will catalyze public enthusiasm at the G. Negrini stadium of Castenaso on the evening of April 10th, dissolving the boundaries between the decades… The great Italian football champions will give us a showcase of their timeless talent in the quadrangular tournament “AIC Senior League”, the first football championship for former players, organized and promoted by the Associazione Italiana Calcio, where the representative of Rimini, Cesena, Ravenna and Bologna will play for us.

A really important event, demonstration of generosity and sportsmanship by legendary players who still like to get involved. It will be a free-admission night with donations to support the no-profit organization “Associazione Solidarietà Terzo Mondo”, based in Sondrio, with their program WeLoveRwanda. They will be there to give accurate information about their project.

The Tournament is back … and doubles The countries represented in the Tournament are Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, UK, Russia, Spain. The participating teams are: Juventus FC, Everton FC, Bologna FC, Zenit SP, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, B Italy, Werder Bremen, FC Internazionale, RSC Anderlecht, US Sassuolo, Paok Thessaloniki, AS Roma, SE Palmeiras, Atalanta BC, NK Lokomotiva Zagreb. Thus, the borders are open. And not just because this year, among  the 16 teams in the men’s Tournament, it also features an overseas team that has always been considered the Elite of world football, but also for the presence of the First Edition of the Women’s Football Tournament: an all-Italian triangular competition. The teams involved are: AC Cesena, Bologna F.C. 1909 US Sassuolo Calcio. We are confident that the players will stand up tall and give a great show, helping to strengthen the image of women’s football, which is getting more and more popular all around the world. The Semi Finals and Final matches will be played at the “Renato Dall’Ara” stadium in Bologna, a real honor for all players involved. The kick-off of the Final WLF 2017 will be given by the We Love Football Project Official Testimonial, Adam Masina.

Do not limit your challenges Take down the inner walls that make our limits seem insurmountable and try to cross the border that too often separates people from those with disabilities. This is the double invitation from the exhibition match ‘Challenge your limits’, which will be held on the afternoon of April 16th at the Renato Dall’Ara stadium between mixed teams of the Nazionale Italiana Calcio Amputati (Italian Amputee National Team) players and players from eliminated teams.

WLF & WLR: a world of solidarity effectively operating to remove the huge disparities between different parts of the world. In this edition, We Love Football renews his collaboration with the solidarity of WeLoveRwanda, which is a support and development program in favor of the Rwandan people created by the no-profit organization “Associazione Solidarietà Terzo Mondo” based in Sondrio.

A Twin-Village The WLF 2017 sports citadel has twinned with the Village Without Barriers created by the “Fondazione Don Mario Campidori”, a no-profit organization. This Village is in Tolè, on the Apennines, and it is dedicated to holiday stays for disabled people and their families. The center organizes recreational and artistic activities open to all in the spirit of friendship and integration: in fact, Marco Antonio De Marchi has been to the Village to give several meetings on the values ​​of sport. The events of We Love Football held there will host the self-financing sale of chocolate eggs.

Sports & Friendship Unlimited Inauguration dinner in the spirit of sport and friendship, with the blessing of the Archbishop of Bologna, Monsignor Matteo Maria Zuppi. This inauguration will bring together all the teams at the “A. Biavati” Sports Center during the evening of the 13th.

Improve with Us The first Master Summer Camp WLF will be promoted during the event. In the month of June it will accommodate boys and girls from Bologna and Province to give them an unforgettable week or two.

Awards, Trophies an Cups
WLF Male Cup: 1st Place; 2nd Place; 3rd Place; Best Player of the Final; Best Goalkeeper; Best Defender; Best Midfielder; Best Forward; Leading goal scorer; Fair play; Best Coach; Plaque to each Team of the Tournament.

WLF Female Cup: 1st Place; 2nd Place; Best Player of the Triangular Tournament; Plaque to each Team of the Tournament.

WLF Award for the Final’s Referee; WLF Award for the Final’s Linesman. Archbishop S.E. Mons. Matteo Maria Zuppi Plaque. Diocesan Representative for the Pastoral Care of Sports, Tourism and Pilgrimages, Don Massimo Vacchetti Plaque. Councilor for Tourism Promotion of the City of Bologna Matteo Lepore Plaque. Undersecretary or Region Andrea Rossi Plaque. Head of Security and Legality of the Emilia-Romagna Region Gian Guido Nobili Plaque.

One step away from the two towers… that soar proud and high towards a limitless sky. This is where the second edition of We Love Football will begin. We’re waiting for you!

As the President of Friends of We Love Football Association of Social Promotion, and Testimonial of the European Prize EFUS for social integration through sport, I would like to thank Stefania Tschantret, President of Oblivion Production, who,  like me, has believed from the very beginning in the values involved in this extraordinary project. I also thank my entire We Love Football team and those who enthusiastically agreed to play with us a major role in this great adventure, sharing human values ​​and sports. Heartfelt thanks go to the participating teams’ Societies, to the players’ families, to the “Nazionale Italiana Calcio Amputati”, to all the great champions of Italian football gathered in the “AIC Senior League.” For their valuable work, thanks to Nicola Rizzoli and the other referees, to the AIA Section of Bologna, to the judges and to all the staff of the “G. Negrini” stadium in Castenaso, the “A. Biavati” sports center and the  “Renato Dall’Ara” stadium in Bologna. As well as the FIGC, the FIGC Academy School Emilia-Romagna, as well as the provincial FIGC-NLD and CONI. We are very grateful to the Archbishop of Bologna S.E. Monsignor Matteo Maria Zuppi, to the Emilia-Romagna Region institutions, to the Municipality of Bologna, to the City of Castenaso, and to Bologna F. C .1909. Thanks for the steps taken together, to the no-profit organization “Associazione Solidarietà Terzo Mondo”, Sondrio, with their project WeLoveRwanda, and to the no-profit organization “Fondazione Don Mario Campidori” which created the Village Without Barriers. Thanks to our partners and sponsors from yesterday and today and to all media partners. A special thanks goes to our Official Testimonial Adam Masina, and to the great champions who have agreed to support We Love Football with precious enthusiasm. Thank you, finally, to the Emilia-Romagna Region, to the City of Castenaso and to the Municipality of Bologna, to the city of Bologna and to our loyal viewers and supporters who follow us with passion.

(Marco De Marchi)